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doctor answers frequent questions about AIM and our services


What services make Abingdon Internal Medicine different?

Abingdon Internal Medicine provides a comprehensive range of medical care to meet the diverse healthcare needs of our patients. Our office provides services including routine preventive care, in-office vaccinations, and Annual Wellness Visits. We also provide diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of acute medical conditions, striving to not simply refer our patients to an urgent care. As important, we provide care for a full range of chronic medical conditions, utilizing clinical pharmacists to assist with chronic care management.

Only licensed nurses provide assessments and direct patient care. Additionally, we have an on-site lab, EKG and pulmonary function testing services. We can also provide telehealth services for select current patients with mobility difficulties. For acute or chronic conditions that require specialist care, referrals are provided by our in-house staff. Our billing and insurance department is also conveniently located in-house.

What is required for a new patient visit?

We do request that, before scheduling any appointments, prospective patients complete a new patient information form and provide insurance information. This allows us to ensure that we participate with your insurance plan. Additionally, some medications or combinations of medications may not be prescribed by our providers. New patient information forms and release of information forms are available to download by clicking the links at the end of this page.

What age range of patients does AIM serve?

AIM provides care for adolescents and adults. We accept patients 13 and older, although not every provider accepts patients under 18 years of age. Please see information about our providers for further details.

An Annual Wellness Visit, or AWV, is an annual preventative health and risk assessment covered by Medicare Part B and most commercial insurance. It is intended to develop or update a personalized plan for preventative health. It typically does not have an associated co-pay or deductible. However, you may have to pay coinsurance, and the Part B deductible may apply if your doctor or other health care provider performs additional tests or services during the same visit that Medicare or commercial insurance doesn’t cover under this preventive benefit. Not all plans cover an annual physical examination or labs as part of this coverage. If you have questions, please speak to your insurance provider. More information about Medicare Annual Wellness visits and our Medicare health risk assessment questionnaire are available to download and complete at the bottom of this page.

Can an initial new patient visit also be an Annual Wellness Visit?

This will depend on the nature of the initial visit. Annual Wellness Visits cannot be used to diagnose new problems or prescribe new medications. As well, multiple chronic medical problems and new problems often require extended time to address. If your initial visit needs to cover multiple or complex medical conditions, or if you have new problems that you are wanting to address, your visit will not likely qualify as an Annual Wellness Visit.

What are your office hours?

Our office hours are 8 AM – 5 PM Monday through Thursday.

How do I get my test results?

Our Healow patient portal allows patients to access their laboratory results and messages from their provider. Each patient is provided information to set up their patient portal account. For results of tests that AIM has ordered that are performed outside of the office, our team of nurses will generally contact patients via phone. Patients may also review their own test results, such as radiology studies by accessing the individual facility patient portal, such as MyChart.

How do I contact my provider?

Patients can contact us directly at (276) 628-1106, or by using our Healow patient portal for digital messaging. On days when the office is closed, on call providers are available for emergencies by calling our main office number.

Click the Healow Patient Portal link below to access labs, request refills, contact AIM, and more. Follow the underlined links to access selected forms.

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